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Kids portraits. Custom portrait painting,hand painted realism family portrait oil painting from photos,custom wedding portrait

The portrait in the picture has been made in "buon fresco". It is just an example because it was commissioned.

How to custom portrait paintings and reproductions?

Step 1. Just send me the images and information via my mail, and tell me the size and your requirements: oil, acylics, watercolors, “buon fresco”. On canvas, paper, or wooden board.
Step 2. I will confirm the detailed price with you asap. Once you have completed the payment, the work will be started immediately.
Step 3. Usually the watercolor and acrylic paintings will be completed in around 10 days. Oil paintings take longer because the oil takes longer to dry. “buon fresco” takes almost one month.
Step 4. Then I will send you the photos of the finished paintings for your confirmation. Once you have confirmed it, I will ship it out asap.


I have some standard sizes as a reference for you, if you need other sizes, feel free to contact me.
If you would like to see more samples to see the quality of the product, please feel free to ask me.

Price for painting:
“One figure” means one person, one dog, one cat, etc . The following are the detailed prices for different sizes. Bear in mind that “buon fresco” costs double the price.

Price with ONE figure:

- 9x11 inches (25x30cm) - 140€ 
- 12x16 inches (30x40 cm) -175 € 
-16x20 inches (40x50 cm) - 200 €
-20x24 inches (50x60 cm) -240 €
- 24x32 inches (60x82 cm) -325 €
-24x39,3 inches (60x100 cm) -375€

Price with TWO figures:

- 12x16 inches (30x40 cm) -205 € 
-16x20 inches (40x50 cm) -230 € 
-20x24 inches (50x60 cm) -270 € 
- 24x32 inches (60x82 cm) -355 € 
-24x39,3 inches (60x100 cm) -410€ 

For more than 2 people please contact me for the price.
The shipping is NOT included.
To know the exact shipping price please contact me.

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Thanks for your preference!

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